A model of e-business transformation

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Business and Public Management


School of Management




Ash, C., & Burn, J. (2003). A model of e-business transformation. Proceedings of IRMA 2003: Information Technology and Organizations: Trends, Issues, Challenges and Solutions. Philadelphia, USA.


A staged model of transformation is proposed for guiding organisations through the successful implementation of their e-business strategy. This model is based on the findings from a set of case studies of traditional organisations that pioneered e-business implementations through ERP. These cases span the 'dot.com' era that inspired great expectations for new wealth from e-business opportunities to a new reality of B2B interactions from e-business networks. The case findings demonstrate the integration of technologies, the differentiation of business models, and the demonstration of value adding in products and services along the customer and supplier chains. The key issue for managers that emerges from the case studies is that employee empowerment and e-business readiness of customers and suppliers is needed for effective e-business transformation.

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