Creating E-portfolios to support student career opportunities

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Conference Proceeding


Apple University Consortium


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Communications and Multimedia / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts,Technology, Education and Communications


Luca, J., Polinelli, D. & Howell, J. (2003). Creating E-Portfolios to Support Student Career Opportunities. In N. Smythe (Ed.), "Digital Voyages" Proceedings of the Apple University Consortium Conference 2003 (pp. 16-1 - 16-14). Adelaide: AUC. Conference website available here.


This paper presents a description and analysis of salient issues related to the development of an e-portfolio application implemented at Edith Cowan University to help students track and accumulate evidence of skills developed over their period of study. The online application has been designed to help students provide evidence required by employers in a progressive and reflective manner by considering ongoing situations experienced by students during their course of study. the action taken and the outcomes, Technical issues, legal issues and security issues are discussed, as well as considerations for future developments based on the experiences of this study .