Case Study in Construction of a Vertical Portal: The Cape Range Ningaloo Project

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Conference Proceeding




Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Security Science




Brogan, M. P., & Kohli, G. (2003). Case Study in Construction of a Vertical Portal: The Cape Range Ningaloo Project. Proceedings of Virtual Communities Conference. London, United Kingdom. Infonortics.


The Cape Range Ningaloo (CRN) Ecovortal is an experimental 'vertical' portal organised around an ecological application, The project supports a virtual community of users sharing interests in the biological diversity, sustainable development and ecotourism in the remote Cape Range Ningaloo region of Western Australia, The vortal provides a virtual space for researchers, government, industry and the community to publish online documents, run forums and provide other services that relate to the core mission, Cape Range Ningaloo is the subject of a protracted heritage dispute involving competing interests of development and heritage conservation. A core element of the mission is to promote cross frame dialogue and learning aimed at enhancing prospects for conflict resolution. This presentation canvasses issues in vertical portal design, implementation, management and marketing of a low budget online community organised around an ecological theme. The presentation reflects on issues pivotal to portals provided as a common property resource, namely the requirement for self-organisation and its implications for critical mass and sustainability,

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