How safe is sex with condoms

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Khan, S., Hasan, M., Bhuiya, A., Hudson-Rodd, N.B., Saggers, S. (2003). How safe is sex with condoms. International Journal of Men's Health. 2(3), 167 - 182.


The policy of condom intervention is based on achieving ejaculation inside a condom, a “mechanical” goal of sexual interaction, a social act. However, most research on condom use has focused upon a simplistic reliance on survey results of condom use during the last sex act. Interviews with 20 hotel-based, female sex workers and 15 (male) clients were conducted to explore patterns of claimed condom use during the last sex act. The Health Belief Model guided this study and was found deficient in providing an understanding of condom use. The clients’ perceptions of dominating sexuality and “the male’s right” to enjoy sexual intercourse in commercial settings increased partial condom use. The invisibility of AIDS reduced participants’ perceived susceptibility to and severity of suffering from the disease, while using condoms at any time during intercourse was perceived as being beneficial. Condom interventions need to be based on deeper understanding of the complexity of people’s lives.

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