Promoting Confidence in Software Components: A UML Approach

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Conference Proceeding


China Machine Press


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Security Science




Li, H., Lam, C. P., & Bai, X. (2003). Promoting confidence in software components: a UML approach. Proceedings of 2003 National Software and Applications Conference (NASAC 2003). (pp. 228-233). Shanghai, China. China Machine Press.


Component-based software development is a promising field as complicated large software systems can be quickly and economically built from reliable components. However, the total reliability of an integrated software system is largely influenced by the reliability of the individual components used in the system. It is difficult for the component developers to perform exhaustive testing on the developed components. Furthermore, the behavior and the context of use for the components may not be well-documented in the delivered forms to suit the need for a particular application. The lack of adequate information may result in component misuse or failure of the integrated software systems. In this paper, we propose an approach to automatically enhance the shipped software components with their UML statechart models. This approach helps the component users to gain better understanding of the behavior and usage of the components, hence increases their confidence in the components.

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