Analysis Of Web Positioning Strategy Via Text Mining Technologies

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Faculty of Business and Public Management


School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




Leong, E. K., Ewing, M. T., & Pitt, L. F. (2002). Analysis of web positioning strategy via text mining technologies. ANZMAC, Melbourne, Australia.


Positioning is the backbone of successful marketing. Marketing communications are designed to communicate that positioning to prospective and current customers. Now the floodgates of communication have opened up via the Internet. Increasingly, consumers are turning to the Internet for information on companies or products. What messages are the visitors getting? Marketers know it is vitally important to ascertain how each competitor is trying to position itself vis-à-vis other players. What is each of them saying about themselves on the Web? This paper seeks to explore the potential of utilising Text Mining technologies for analysing online promotional text messages. To examine its potential applications, a Text Mining analysis is applied to top educational sites in the USA. How their Web content is positioned relative to the others is revealed and discussed.