Could Oral Communication Skills Become A Casualty of Online Learning?: A future Scenario That Could Prevent This

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James, K. Could oral communication skills become a casualty of online learning?: A future scenario that could prevent this. In Research and Development in Higher Education: Quality Conversations Vol. 25.


The development of online learning is flourishing because it has many advantages for both tertiary institutions and their students. Instructional designers, however, must ensure that students’ oral communication skills do not suffer due to the removal of face-to-face interaction. Poor oral communications skills have been identified as a major problem in society, as they can lead to the breakdown of personal and business relationships (Hynes & Bhatia, 1996). Unfortunately such skills are seen to be lacking in many employees and graduates (McDaniel & White, 1993).This paper envisions a desired future scenario for incorporation of oral communication skills into an ideal online learning environment. As this goal is not yet attainable within the bounds of existing technology, a more realistic alternative for the short term is proposed. The paper outlines a simulated scenario that will be trialled and modified for future use.

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