Dragging the Legal Profession into the Information World: An Analysis of Information Warfare Issues and Strategies associated with the Legal Profession

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Perry, K., & Williams, M.C. (2002). Dragging the legal profession into the information world: an analysis of information warfare issues and strategies associated with the legal profession. In: Hutchinson, W. (Ed.). Protecting the infrastructure: 3rd Australian information warfare & security conference 2002. Churchlands, Australia: We-B Centre, School of Management Information Systems, School of Computer & Information Sciences, Edith Cowan University.


We examine the concept and practicalities of information warfare (JW) as applied to the legal profession, the various strategies available to law firms to combat the effects of IW. In general, we recommend a defensive strategy to protect sensitive information and maintain market leadership position. Naturally, this strategy will vary depending on the firm under consideration and the market conditions. Other aspects we consider to make the IW strategy effective, such as the need for ongoing risk assessment, effective human resources management and ongoing education. If implemented properly an IW strategy will assist law firms to advance their market position and may even provide a platform for organisational change and transformation.