Managing Knowledge Transfer and Creation During Information Systems Development

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Jackson, P., & Klobas, J. (2002). Managing knowledge transfer and creation during information systems development. In: Lethbridge, N. (Ed.). E-conomy- from here to where? 3rd international We-B conference. Churchlands, Australia: Edith Cowan University School of Management Information Systems We-B Centre.


Software development is a knowledge management process par excellence, and is essentially concerned with creating and moving abstract concepts through a chain of staff roles until their ultimate codification into programming rules and data definitions. In order to manage knowledge transfer, a clear definition and understanding of the processes associated with creating, storing, and sharing knowledge is required. We derive this definition and understanding from the sociology of knowledge. Based upon a social-constructivist theory of knowledge with a strong and established theoretical base, we present a model that describes and interconnects knowledge processes. This model gives us a clear set of concepts with which to develop a tool for the management of a knowledge environment during a software development project.