Tacit to explicit: Stategies to convert organizational knowledge into real assets

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Maguire, D.W. (2002). Tacit to explicit: stategies to convert organizational knowledge into real assets. In: Lethbridge, N. (Ed.). E-conomy- from here to where? 3rd international We-B conference. Churchlands, Australia: Edith Cowan University School of Management Information Systems We-B Centre.


The advantage of being able to convert tacit knowledge into a more codifiable and storable commodity is becoming more recognised as organisations deal with the implications of globalisation, downsizing and outsourcing. However a successful method of conversion, technological or otherwise, has not been sufficiently developed and tacit knowledge remains an elusive and unquantifiable commodity that presents a gap in organisational intelligence. This paper is a synthesis of existing literature which covering tacit and explicit knowledge in the context of their role in organisational knowledge. It then examines methods being applied to identify and convert tacit or soft knowledge into explicit codifiable knowledge that can continue as an asset of the organisation.