Case Study Teaching : Determining and Developing Knowledge-Based Wisdom

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Fink, D. (2009). Case Study Teaching: Determining and Developing Knowledge-Based Wisdom. In Proceedings of ICITM'09. International Conference on Innovation in Teaching and Management of Higher Education (ICITM09). Terengganu, Malaysia: Universiti Teknologi Mara.


Case study teaching is widely practised especially in the business discipline since it shifts emphasis from teacher-centred to student-centred learning and satisfies the proverb "involve me and I will learn". The paper reports on the experiences of the author on how business case teaching was designed, delivered and measured to meet modern business conditions and expectations. First, the case was designed as a "living case" where students are .confronted with teacher-initiated interventions while solving the case. This reflects today's volatile business in which students are expected to respond to a rapidly changing environment Second, the delivery mode aims to achieve an optimum balance between teacher (face-to-face) and technology (online). To observe their respective-roles, case study dimensions were identified as "cognitive" and "reflective thinking" during the processes of solving the case study. Findings indicated that students prefer material in multimedia form but overall the physical approach was preferred, especially the use of class discussions. Third, the outcome of the case study is measured in terms of knowledge-based wisdom that students had gained. This is operationalised as factual knowledge, procedural knowledge, contextualisation, relativism and uncertainty. The results indicated satisfactory levels of factual and procedural knowledge, high levels of relativism but low levels of contextualisation and dealing with uncertainty. The paper concludes with a reflection on the presence of student wisdom and makes recommendations that may be useful to other educators.

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