Authentic transitions: The click around ECU online transition to university programs

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Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Communications and Multimedia




Hunt, L., Kershaw, L., & Seddon, J. (2002). Authentic transitions: The Click Around ECU online transition to university program. Quality conversations: Research and Development in Higher Education, 25, 338-353.


Effective transition to university prepares students for successful undergraduate experiences. In this sense, quality learning at university starts well before enrolment with the transition process – the subject of this paper, which describes a pilot, on-line, transition project entitled Click Around ECU (Edith Cowan University). The aim of the pilot study was to assess the organisational and technical feasibility of the project. The uniqueness of Click Around ECU is that it sought to empower high school pupils to decide for themselves what school-leavers want to know about university life through the production of their own Web-based, multimedia clips (Webshows). In so doing, it engaged high school pupils and university students in a series of authentic learning experiences. After contextualising Click Around ECU in the literature about the transition process, this paper provides a description of the project, including software information. It then outlines the organisational features of the project before discussing outcomes and evaluation. The specific aims of the concluding analysis are to explore the manner in which Click Around ECU models authentic, on-line learning and the possible application of the project in rural, remote and international settings.

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