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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Herrington, A. J., Herrington, J. A., & Omari, A. I. (2002). Using the Internet to provide authentic professional development for beginning teachers. Proceedings of ASCILITE 2002. (pp. [1-4]). Auckland, New Zealand. University of Auckland. Available here


How can the Internet be used to provide authentic professional development for newly appointed teachers? This paper reports on work-in-progress of an industry partnership research study between Edith Cowan University education staff and students, and the Education Department of Western Australia teachers and curriculum advisers. The study involves developing a web site to assist novice teachers solve realistic school-based problems and will involve approximately 120 K-7 and middle school teachers from ECU who have undertaken training in the use of the website. Teachers appointed in 2003 from the university cohort will be invited to use the website in their first and second years of teaching. Online interviews and surveys will be conducted with teachers from the cohort who have gained employment. Case studies will be undertaken with teachers selected on the basis of geographical location and year level taught. Guidelines will be produced to support the design and production of Internet-based professional development.

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