Authentic approaches to learning assessment strategies:Beginning teachers' practice in classrooms

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Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Communications and Multimedia




Herrington, A., Herrington, J., & Glazer, E. (2002). Authentic approaches to learning assessment strategies: Beginning teachers' practice in classrooms.


In the project described in this paper, the synthesis of research into situated learning was used to design and develop a multimedia learning environment to teach assessment strategies in mathematics to preservice teachers which was intended to transfer to teaching practice. The paper describes a follow-up study which investigated the influence of using the authentic approaches presented in the multimedia learning environment on the teaching and assessment practices of the same people as beginning teachers. Practicing teachers, who as preservice teachers participated in the earlier study, were interviewed with regard to the influence that the authentic approach had on their first and second years of teaching and assessing mathematics. Analysis of data indicates that a complex mix of influences and environmental factors impact upon the teachers' use of assessment strategies in their beginning years of teaching, and that preservice pedagogical beliefs are not always translated to beginning classroom practice.

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