CAS in the Classroom:A Status Report

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Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Engineering and Mathematics




Mueller, U. A., Forster, P. A., & Bloom, L. M. (2002). CAS in the Classroom: A Status Report. In Proc. 7th Asian Tech. Conf. in Maths.: ATCM (pp. 284-293).


Computer algebra systems have been around for nearly twenty years now and have gradually made their way into tertiary and secondary mathematics classrooms. Their inclusion has accelerated in the last ten years through the advent of CAS graphics calculators. The potential impact on the curriculum, on teaching and learning and on assessment has been the subject of numerous studies and has received a considerable amount of attention in the literature. To start with there were “show and tell” articles that gave examples of how particular topics can be treated using a CAS. More recently topics of empirical inquiry have been pedagogy associated with the use of the CAS, assessment and key skills. In this paper we present an overview with regard to these topics and detail both the issues and proposed courses of action.

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