Mobile home security with GPRS [conference contribution]

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Information Science




Danaher, M., & Nguyen, D. (2002). Mobile Home Security with GPRS. In Proceedings des 8. Internationalen Symposiums fur Informatioswissenschaft (ISI 2002) 377-380.


This paper presents research-in-progress on the development of a home security system for use on mobile devices. Mobile Home Security (MHS) is a system that uses the wireless high-speed technology GPRS. An effective system requires the delivery of good quality images and video to the mobile device. Existing wireless networks have low bandwidth and hence are not capable of providing this service. The introduction of GPRS offers a number of advantages including high bandwidth and low operational cost. Our research is investigating how effectively video and images can be captured and sent across a radio network. Results of this work will provide an awareness of the problems and we will provide guidelines for implementing a mobile security system. Further our research will provide insights into future bandwidth hungry video data applications, not only in wireless security applications but also in other related areas of mobile communication technologies.

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