Flexible Rules and Actions for Delivery of Online Courseware Learning Materials

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Computer and Information Science




Brown, J. (2002). Flexible Rules and Actions For Delivery of Online Courseware Learning Materials. In Proceedings of the 7th Annual CollECTeR Conference on Electronic Commerce, Melbourne, Victoria.


This paper examines the development of a Learning Management System designed around a model that allows for rules and actions to be applied to content within the system. The need for rules within teaching systems is discussed, with a focus on flexibility and extensibility of teaching delivery tools. The object oriented approach to the underlying data schema is examined, as is the frames-based object model that allows for a highly extensible information repository. The manner in which objects are broken down into their constituent attributes is examined, as is the relationship between the objects and their properties. Actual rule processing and execution are described, including the use of XML and XSL technologies in conjunction with RDBMS tools for physical data storage.

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