Miles to go before secure online shopping: Certification authorities and Australian retailers

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Conference Proceeding


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Krishnaswamy, G., & Marinova, D. (2001). Miles to go before secure online shopping: certification authorities and Australian retailers. In: Hutchinson, W., Warren, M., & Burn, J. (Eds.). Survival in the e-conomy: 2nd Australian information warfare & security conference 2001. Churchlands, Australia: School of Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University.


Security concerns have been pointed out as one of the most significant barriers for the business aspects of the diffusion of internet technologies and e-commerce in particular. Trusted third party Certification Authorities (CAs) can play a major role in creating an environment of trust. They provide the underlying infrastructure for digital signatures and provide authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation security measures. This study looks at the role played by CAs in the Australian retail sector. The methodology used here is an evaluation of web sites of Australian retailers linked to the yellow pages (www.yellowpages.com.au) of capital cities in Australia. The findings reveal the extent of use of CAs by Australian retailers in instilling consumer confidence in e-commerce payment systems.