Supply chain management and the B2B E-commerce for a non-profit organisation

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Wong, E.S. (2001). Supply chain management and the B2B E-commerce for a non-profit organisation. In: Stoney, S., & Burn, J. (Eds.). Working for excellence in the e-conomy: 2nd international We-B conference (pp. 238-247). Churchlands, Australia: We-B Centre, School of Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University.


This paper discusses the supply chain management and the impact of implementing E-commerce applications on enterprises. It examines the role of Porters work on supply chain and competitive forces. It discusses the role of value chain integration management in increasing customers' perceived value. It also explores the likely impacts of Internet technologies faced by the enterprise. In this paper, the traditional supply chain model and integrated value chain model are used to investigate the information flows of business processes of an international non-profit organisation #A. Initially the paper describes how the company's integrated value chain analysis was used to identify organisation #A current business processes. It then further focused on competitiveness and the role of Internet technologies in investigating information flows of business processes conducted in the new digital economy.