The Characteristics of Successful e-Marketplaces

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Standing, C. (2001). The Characteristics of Successful e-marketplaces. In Kim, J. Et al. (Eds.) Proceedings of 2001 Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems. Seoul, Korean: Korean Society of MIS. pp. 633-640. Available here


The e-business arena is highly dynamic and characterised by continual evolution in technology, marketing concepts and effective business approaches. Business-to-business electronic commerce in particular is evolving, especially in relation to virtual supply chain management and electronic marketplaces. This paper uses a "content analysis" approach with over sixty articles being analysed. There is some confusion over the types of e-marketplaces that exist and the factors that influence their successful sustainability. The results of the analysis indicate that there are many features and characteristics which can be used for classification. Nine critical success factors for emarketplaces have been identified including open software standards, multiple income streams, effective contract handling and relationship management. The major concern currently is how e-marketplaces can reach a critical mass of participants. For successful electronic marketplaces there is likely to be significant financial rewards for owners and members.

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