The need for in-depths cyber defence programmes in business information warfare environments

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Edwards, S., & Willams, M. (2001). The need for In-depths cyber defence programmes in business informatio warfare environments. In: Hutchinson, W., Warren, M., & Burn, J. (Eds.). Survival in the e-conomy: 2nd Australian information warfare & security conference 2001. Churchlands, Australia: School of Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University.


Many organisations have overlooked their security strategies by entering the increasingly inter-connected world of electronic environments. These organisations often still rely on the traditional strategies of security. With increasing information warfare risks, organisations need to reconsider their security strategy within a multilayered framework that integrates all points of interconnectedness and reflects the rapid changes in technology. In this paper we take the stand that organisation’s e-security strategy should be a continuous, comprehensive process of adding, removing, and managing layers of actions based upon balanced risk management. A merit of in-depth defence strategies is that they begin from inside the organisation and extend outward creating defensive webs to withstand information attack.