The organisational impacts of knowledge management systems

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Wong, E.S. (2001). The organisational impacts of knowledge management systems. In: Hutchinson, W., & Warren, M. (Eds.). Systems in management 7th annual ANZSYS conference 2001: the relevance of systems thinking in the contemporary world. Churchlands, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


This proposal paper aims to outline an in-depth, interpretive case study investigating the organisational impacts of a knowledge management and groupware information system named "Web-based Legacy EDI Groupware ", abbreviated as "WebLegacy ". In particular, the way in which WebLegacy operates as an agent in converting tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, its organisational impact, success factors, and success indicators will be explored This study is based on the framework and analysis used by Daniel and Graeme (1999) to examine knowledge management in the Australian health industry. The paper will examine one organisation in Western Australia using WebLegacy: an automotive company who contracted a local external website design consultant to implement WebLegacy on their sites; In addition to interviews with the companies, interviews with the website design Consultant Company will be conducted in order to gain an alternate perspective of topics and issues raised in the research.