Virtual organising in a floating production storage and offtake oil and gas project

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Tan, E. (2001). Virtual organising in a floating production storage and offtake oil and gas project. In: Stoney, S., & Burn, J. (Eds.). Working for excellence in the e-conomy: 2nd international We-B conference (pp. 486-497). Churchlands, Australia: We-B Centre, School of Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University.


This paper describes a strategy for organising large scale one-off engineering design and construction projects in which major components have to be concurrently purpose-designed and constructed in different parts of the world prior to final assembly on site. In the case of the Floating Production Storage and Offtake (FPSO) facility selected for the development of the CNL oil and gas field off the northern coast of Australia, a combination of co-located and geographically dispersed teams from various participating organisations collaborated using an integrated project information system. The experience of this project suggests that the establishment of the requisite information systems infrastructure should be supplemented by an infostructure tailored to the needs of the participating organisations. Furthermore, a sympathetic infoculture is required in the participating organisations to ensure commitment to and consistent use of the integrated project information system.