Weaving the tangled web - Deception on the internet, a travellers tale?

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O’Neill-Cooper, L. (2001). Weaving the tangled web - deception on the internet, a travellers tale?. In: Hutchinson, W., Warren, M., & Burn, J. (Eds.). Survival in the e-conomy: 2nd Australian information warfare & security conference 2001. Churchlands, Australia: School of Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University.


The abundance of users on the Internet is reflected not only in the enormous numbers of web pages that exist but also in the diversity of industries they represent. The travel industry is one of those industries. With the growth of electronic commerce the Internet gives people the ability to personalise holiday packages to fit particular budgets and tastes. This preliminary paper discusses travel web page deception using a three level framework: 1. hiding the real. 2. Showing the false and 3 Suspect a scam. It discusses the concept that fraud occurs within travel web pages and that travel consumers do not recognize the differences between their perceptions of reality and reality itself