Student responses to collaborating and learning in a web-based environment

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Journal Article


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Omari, A. I., & Oliver, R. G. (2001). Student responses to collaborating and learning in a web-based environment. Journal of computer assisted learning, 17(1), 34-47. Available here.


This paper describes a study which explored students’ responses and reactions to a Web-based environment supporting problem-based learning. The study was undertaken among undergraduate students in an Australian university. The findings revealed that while the majority of the students saw value to be gained from learning in a student-centred and collaborative setting, many expressed a preference for learning in the more conventional teacher-directed forms. The study also sought to explore the potential of the environment to develop problemsolving skills and to determine factors which impeded students’ success and achievement. The results did not demonstrate any discernible development of problem-solving skills despite students’ extensive experience and participation in problem-solving activities. The findings have suggested a number of important factors missing in the implemented setting including an organising strategy to aid students in the problem-solving process and adequate feedback to ensure reflection among the learners on the quality of the solutions they were developing.