Priorities for adult cancer nursing research: A West Australian replication

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Journal Article


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Barrett, S., Kristjanson, L. J., Sinclair, T., & Hyde, S. (2001). Priorities for adult cancer nursing research: a West Australian replication. Cancer Nursing, 24(2), 88-98. Available here


Two Delphi surveys have been conducted during the past 20 years to identify cancer nursing research priorities; one in the United States and one in Canada. Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, the State Cancer Referral Centre in Western Australia, undertook a replication of this Delphi survey to identify nursing research priorities for adult cancer nursing. The aim of this replication was to identify possible changes in priorities and account for cultural difference in the healthcare systems. A total of 45 responses were received from the first Delphi round and 30 from the second. The top ten priorities identified by this sample were different from those identified in prior studies. The top ranked research topic was “What strategies would be most helpful in allowing nurses time to provide emotional support to cancer patients and carers?” These results may stimulate discussion and re-assessment of research priorities in other adult cancer care settings.