Australian support for the american national board standards of exemplary teaching

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Journal Article


Australian Early Childhood Association


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Education




Chadbourne, R. (2001). Australian support for the American National Board Standards of exemplary teaching. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 26(2), 40-40.


This paper canvasses four possible reasons why some Australian early childhood teachers seem more supportive than some Australian English teachers of the profissional standards for exemplary teaching developed by the National Board in the US. It explores whether the diffirence is due to the nature of the teachers, the needs of the learning nrea, the standards themselves, or the research processes. A key contention emerging from an analysis of the early childhood teachers' response is that the US National Board standnrds should not be regarded as belonging to the Americans just because they were the first to document them. Certainly. we need to construct our own standards in order to develop a sense of commitment and ownership. But this does not mean having to start from scratch, Along with educators across the world, we already 'own' the values, skills, and knowledge documented in the US National Board standnrds. What we can profitably do is take the US standnrds and build on them.