Houston, we have a problem!

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Book Chapter


Taylor & Francis


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


School of Communications and Multimedia


This chapter was originally published as: McLoughlin, C., & Luca, J. (2001). Houston, we have a problem! Dealing with problems encountered by groups of students working in teams in an online environment. In D. Murphy, R. Walker & G. Webb (Eds.), Online learning and teaching with technology (pp. 44-54). London: Taylor and Francis.


In an interactive multimedia subject; final year students are required to interact with industry clients and to develop a Web site to fulfil their business needs. The unit of study forms part of a three•year degree in multimedia and communications. Students receive online resources and have access to e-mail for tutor and peer feedback. In this particular unit there were 60 students, most of whom had some work experience, and the age range was about 25 to 35 years. Several multimedia staff members and industry representatives attended the listserv, so students had a large field of expertise available to them when they needed information. There was no formal face-to-face contact with tutors. Although the Iistserv was used by students mainly to engage in teamwork and share of ideas, learning and management issues were also raised there.

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