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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Xiao, J. (2009). A Match-based Approach to Optimize Conformance Test Sequence Generation using Mp-method. Proceedings of 2009 International Forum on Computer Science -Technology and Applications. (pp. 392-395). Chongqing, China. IEEE Computer Society. Available here

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An important issue in protocol conformance testing is how to generate test sequences in an efficient and effective way that achieves the required fault detection coverage. We proposed an approach for finding shorter test sequences for protocol conformance testing based on the Wp method in our previous work. While the method generated good quality test sequences, an extra leading sequence may have to be added if the final test sequence generated was not started from the same starting state of the given FSM. A new approach is proposed in this paper to overcome this problem thus to improve the quality of the final test sequence. The new test sequence generated always starts from the same starting state of the given FSM. This effectively reduces the length of generated test sequence.



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