JoePM: Implementing a collaborative environment for learning multimedia project management

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Apple Computer Australia


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


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Luca, J. , Dunbar, A. J., Omari, A. I., & Oliver, R. G. (2001). JoePM: Implementing a collaborative environment for learning multimedia project management. Proceedings of Apple University Consortium Academic and Developers Conference 2001. (pp. 5-1 - 5-8). James Cook University, QLD. Apple Computer Australia. Available here.


Using the Web in tertiary learning environments can offer great adaptability and flexibility as it enables the planning and design of learning tasks that promote learning processes and monitor learning outcomes. This paper considers the design and development of a Web based learning environment (JoePM), from an application programmerÕs perspective. JoePM supports a task oriented, time dependant model of interaction in which students are given weekly tasks and provided with the necessary resources required to complete them. With the exception of some paper-based readings, all resources are online including videos, links, hints and tips, training materials and past assignments. Individual and team-based student submissions, tutor feedback, peer feedback, communication and team tracking are all managed online. JoePM has been designed in template form, which enables it to be used for other units of study by simply changing the database content. The system makes extensive use of FileMaker Pro (2000) as a database backend, Macromedia Director (2000) as shockwave, and QuickTime Streaming (1999) for delivery of extensive video content. Whilst the pedagogic details of the system are dealt with in a separate paper, this paper describes the database structure and technical implementation of the system, as well as detailing issues and pitfalls involved in developing a large cross-platform online system.