The Shrimp Game: Engaging Students in the Classroom

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Journal Article


The University of Queensland


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Accounting, Finance and Economics/ Finance, Economics, Markets & Accounting Research




Giles, M., & Voola, J. (2006). The Shrimp Game: Engaging Students in the Classroom. Australasian Journal of Economics Education, 3(1/2), 73-89.


This paper, presented at the 11th Australasian Teaching Economics Conference in July 2005, and revised in the light of further experimentation, describes the use of the Shrimp Game (a tutorial game on Cournot interdependence) in a second year business strategies unit in 2004 and 2005. The paper firstly summarises Cournot games in general and introduces an example of these, the Shrimp Game, as it was conceived by Gertner in 1999 and adapted by Scott in 2003. The details of the game and its active learning requirements are then explained in Section 3. The fourth section of the paper contains findings that include heightened student awareness of interdependencies but weak convergence to equilibrium. The conclusions refer to the Shrimp Game as being a useful addition to the arsenal of practical experience for economics undergraduates.

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