Does age matter? How Age Influences the Winery Experience

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Originally published as: Alonso, A. D., Fraser, R. A., & Cohen, D. A. (2007). Does age matter? How age influences the winery experience. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 1(2), 131-139. Original article available here


To investigate differences among winery visitors of different age groups in New Zealand, as well as the commercial potential of these groups. A questionnaire was designed to obtain information of winery visitors, including demographic characteristics and their expenditure at the winery. A total of 43 wineries located in all wine regions of New Zealand accepted the invitation to participate in this study by distributing questionnaires in their facilities. In all, 609 usable responses were obtained. The study provides information about winery visitors in New Zealand, and confirms clear differences among different age groups in several dimensions, including their winery expenditures. One potential limitation is that because several participating wineries were much larger in physical size and restaurant seating, the percentage of responses obtained in this study might have been disproportionately large, or unrepresentatively small. The overall findings may have significant implications for the wine and wine tourism industries, and might be beneficial for wineries in their efforts of providing a more valuable experience for wine tourists. This exploratory study provides new and practical insights of the winery experience in the New Zealand context, an area where very limited research has been conducted.



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