On Control Design by Bifurcation Analysis for Virtual Negative Inductance

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Engineering




Dranga, O., Funato, H., & Ogasawara, S. (2004). On Control Design by Bifurcation Analysis for Virtual Negative Inductance.In Papers of Technical Meeting on Semiconductor Power Converter, IEE Japan.


A variable active-passive reactance (VAPAR) has already been proposed to be used as virtual inductance in power circuits. One of its most remarkable features is the capability of generating a negative virtual inductance. VAPAR has found applications in the power flow control of power systems, where the power flow is essentially restricted by a line inductance. Therefore, an RL configuration including VAPAR is investigated. The design of the feedback loop controlling VAPAR has to avoid the occurrence of any bifurcation within the intended operating range. By performing an analytical study of stability, the system is shown to bifurcate when the control parameters are varied. Such an approach allows convenient and accurate identification of the control domain in the parameter space of the virtual negative inductance and the control parameters, which guarantee stable operation and good transient performances.

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