Virtual Power Electronics: Novel Software Tools for Design, Modeling and Education

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Engineering




J. Hamar, I. Nagy, H. Funato, S. Ogasawara, O. Dranga and Y. Nishida, "Virtual Power Electronics: Novel Software Tools for Design, Modeling and Education," 2007 Power Conversion Conference - Nagoya, Nagoya, 2007, pp. 502-509.


The current paper is dedicated to present browser-based multimedia-rich software tools and e-learning curriculum to support the design and modeling process of power electronics circuits and to explain sometimes rather sophisticated phenomena. Two projects will be discussed. The so-called Inetele project is financed by the Leonardo da Vinci program of the European Union(EU). It is a collaborative project between numerous EU universities and institutes to develop state-of-the art curriculum in electrical engineering. Another cooperative project with participation of Japanese, European and Australian institutes focuses especially on developing e-learning curriculum, interactive design and modeling tools, furthermore on development of a virtual laboratory. Snapshots from these two projects will be presented.

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