There's more than just the newspaper: a pilot study on the social literacies required by young job seekers

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University of Technology Sydney


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School of Psychology and Social Science




Weatherill, P., & Boyd, E. R. (2001). There's More Than Just the Newspaper: A Pilot Study on the Social Literacies Required by Young Job Seekers. Melbourne, Victorian Centre: Adult Literacy and Numeracy Australian Research Consortium.


A study investigated job search literacies for a small sample of Western Australian youth currently seeking employment. Participants were10 females and 4 males aged 15-24. The research design involved the presentation of job search information and exercises to develop literacy competencies in a participative workshop format. Participants completed three multiple choice questionnaires regarding job search intensity, job search efficacy, and exploration of the labor market. They completed the questionnaires prior to and after the workshop in person and at least two weeks following the workshops by telephone. Results indicated that between the pre- and post-workshop data collection, participants rated themselves as significantly, more confident in performing job seeking tasks. Similar results were achieved between the pre-workshop questionnaire and the two-week follow-up. Participants were also more confident that joining clubs and community groups would assist them with their job search at the two –week follow-up. No significant differences were found between the post-workshop and the follow-up questionnaires. (Appendixes include a 26-item bibliography, questionnaires, and workshop materials.)

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