Strategic and Global Issues in Palliative Care

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Traves, E., & Mitchell, D. (2007). Strategic and Global Issues in Palliative Care. In Kinghorn, S & Gaines, S. (Eds.) Palliative nursing: Improving end-of-life care (2nd ed., 2-6). Edinburgh ; Sydney : Churchill Livingstone Elsevier. Available here.


Palliative care is at the gateway to a process of considerable change as it moves beyond its traditional roots in cancer care to include non-malignant life threatening illnesss and projected aging population. Hospices and palliative care teams are renowned for developing their services and expertise through a patient and carer focused approach, and for sharing that experience and expertise throughout the world. However, althrough the UK has considerable influence on the development of palliative care services aroung the world, there are also lessons to be learned from looking at the global picture of palliative care and from other models of palliative care services in developing countries. Looking withint he UK there is a genuine fear that the future will bring change that, while significantly increasing the availability for palliative care for vast number of patients, will result in a reduced service for cancer patients and their careers. This fear may be real, but hope lies in the national palliative care organisations that have a tradition of cooperation and consultation, and are already actively engaged in the debate.