An exploration of Generation Y's experiences of offshore fly-in/fly-out employment

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Journal Article


Australian Psychological Society


School of Psychology and Social Science




Carter, T.L., Kaczmarek, E.A. (2009). An exploration of Generation Y's experiences of offshore fly-in/fly-out employment. Australian Community Psychologist. 21(2), 52 - 66. Available here


Offshore fly in/fly out (FIFO) employment creates unique challenges for personnel working in this capacity and the impact of these challenges on personnel who are navigating the social challenges of early adulthood, or those belonging to Generation Y (Gen Y) is relatively unknown and deserving further investigation. This qualitative study explored the experiences of Gen Y employed offshore in a FIFO capacity using a social constructionist framework. Ten male offshore FIFO personnel aged between 18 and 28 years old participated in this study. Thematic content analysis of the in-depth interviews revealed three broad themes; these included the challenges of FIFO lifestyle, Self-identity and Relationships. It was concluded that even though the men were satisfied with benefits associated with the lifestyle there were none the less many challenges which they were attempting to address that were specific to the lifestyle generally and not unique to Gen Y.

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