Alternative and sustainable fuelling options for two wheeled vehicles

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science


School of Engineering




Burke, P., Al-Abdeli, Y., & Karri, V. (2006). Alternative and sustainable fuelling options for two wheeled vehicles. In the Proceedings of The International Conference on Thermal Engineering: Theory and Applications. Al-Ain, UAE: Ryerson University.


Small two wheeled vehicles are used extensively throughout the world for personal transport, small goods logistics and recreation. Operational versatility in busy city environments, low upfront and running costs in addition to relative ease of maintainability contribute to their popularity. However, the sheer number of these vehicles operating, particularly in densely populated cities means that the potential use of alternative (other than gasoline) fuels in these vehicles can help alleviate vehicle emitted pollution. Furthermore, some alternative fuels offer the transport industry a more sustainable option than traditional fossil based fuels. One such alternative is hydrogen, which can offer a sustainable fueling option as well as improved environmental performance. This paper presents details of the conversion of a small, single cylinder, 4-stroke (gasoline) motorcycle to run on compressed hydrogen gas. A comparison of emissions of both gasoline and hydrogen engines together with their thermal efficiencies and power are presented.

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