Acquired language disorders: Some functional insights

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Book Chapter


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Armstrong, E., Ferguson, A., Mortensen, L., & Togher, L. (2005). Acquired language disorders: Some functional insights. In: Webster, J., Matthiessen, C., & Hasan, R. (eds) Continuing discourse on language: a functional perspective. Equinox Publishing: London, UK.


Continuing Discourse on Language is published as a two volume set and offers the reader a selective account of the evolution of important aspects of M.A.K, Halliday’s Systemic Functional Linguistics over a period of many years. The range of topics covered includes not only certain fundamental concepts at the level of theory but also an account of the wide range of applications enabled by the descriptive framework that the theory has generated. The volumes together provide an insight into the continuing evolution of the impressive range of frames of description and their applications from typology to multimodality, from models of discourse analysis to translation and stylistics, from the role of language in knowledge construal to language education, genre based pedagogy and web based learning.