Modelling tool to support budgeting and planning decisions for pump overhauls

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Richardson, S. J., & Hodkiewicz, M. R. (2011). Modeling tool to support budgeting and planning decisions for pump overhauls. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 137(4), 327-334.


This paper describes an approach for establishing overhaul repair schedules for clear water pump stations that balance the goal of minimizing the total life-cycle cost of the pumps with the goal of minimizing the CO2 emissions associated with the generation of the electricity used to operate the pumps. The specific focus of this study is on pump stations with a parallel pump configuration in which clear water is pumped from a clear water tank at a groundwater treatment plant (GWTP) to a service reservoir. The approach uses models for the operation and deterioration of such pumps, and forms the basis for a model-based decision support tool (DSS) that has been developed to assist in budgeting and planning decisions associated with pump overhaul repairs.

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