The state of pre-service teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region

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Book Chapter


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Northcote, M., & Lim, C. P. (2009). The state of pre-service teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region. Innovative practices in pre-service teacher education: An Asia-Pacific perspective, 23-28.


This chapter examines current and past contexts of teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region. By focusing on how partnerships between major stakeholders can assist the development of future teachers, the issue of globalisation is considered at both a local and an international perspective. A series of case studies is presented to illustrate recent trends in teacher education, especially components such as curriculum, assessment, professional experience (practicum), teacher educators, and learning and teaching strategies. These case studies illustrate how the ideas and practices associated with effective teaching have developed, and how teacher education requires high levels of connection, understanding and negotiation between all levels of society. The chapter concludes by identifying some gaps that appear to have formed within the pre-service teacher education landscape and outlines some recommendations for addressing these gaps.