Creating a conducive learning environment for effective integration of ICT: Classroom management issues

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Journal Article


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education


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Lim, C. P., Teo, Y. H., Wong, P., Khine, M. S., Chai, C. S., & Divaharan, S. (2003). Creating a conducive learning environment for the effective integration of ICT: Classroom management issues. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 14(4), 405-423.


This article reports and discusses the findings of the collective case study of two primary schools in Singapore. It is part of a larger funded research project that examines and analyses where and how information and communication technologies (ICT) are integrated in Singapore schools to develop pupils' higher order thinking skills. The focus of this article is on classroom management issues that create a conducive environment to facilitate the effective integration of ICT in the schools. In such an environment, pupils are more likely to be task-oriented and reflective, and hence, more likely to engage in higher order thinking. Using activity theory as a framework, the following classroom management issues are discussed: availability of ICT resources, establishment of rules and procedures, support of ICT-based activities by non-ICT and ICT tools, and division of labour among participants.