Interactive control of higher order musical structures

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Communications and Arts / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts,Technology, Education and Communications




Vickery, L. (2004). Interactive control of higher order musical structures. In Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC) 4, 6.


This paper examines the challenge of using interactive procedures to control higher order musical structures, such as formal elements and texture. It proposes as one solution to this problem, a performance paradigm involving a cybernetic arrangement, placing a human performer and a machine in collaboration in which neither is exclusively privileged as the control source. Such a system would exploit the potentialities of the human improviser as an interactive subject in a manner practiced by some non-electronic interactive musical works and present the possibility of an open symbiotic interactive performance model in which control commands pass both from and to the human and machine components. The development of such works is explored in the context of Game Theory and non-linear compositions involving live players by Xenakis, Pousseur and Zorn as well as interactive works by Teitelbaum, The Hub, and the author’s own compositions.

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