Teacher Thinking for Democratic Learning

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Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Executive Deans Office / Fogarty Learning Centre




Cherednichenko, B. (2007) Teacher thinking for democratic learning. In: The Praeger handbook for education and psychology. Kincheloe, Joe L. and Horn, Raymond A., eds. Greenwood Publishing Group, Westernport, Conn., pp. 736-744.


Cognition, mind, counseling psychology, lesson plans, learning styles, and Vygotsky are just a few of the many subjects discussed in this exciting work. Educators, students, counselors, parents, and others will find new understanding as they read and browse. How does the immigrant experience affect student outcomes? What are the effects of poverty on standardized testing? How can a teacher or parent develop study skills in the special needs learner? What is the effect of the school environment on students? What are the larger issues at work in educating students of diverse races, cultures, and classes. This work, a rethinking of school psychology, will be an essential resource for anyone who is interested in teaching and learning. It combines effective, traditional knowledge with contemporary insights into the nature of today's schools and students.