Interactive Whiteboard Pedagogies in the Primary Science Classroom

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Murcia, K. (2009). Interactive Whiteboard Pedagogies in the Primary Science Classroom. Catholic Education Office WA Curriculum Conference.


Contemporary learners experience both the opportunity and demand to operate in a technological world in which they can connect via the internet to almost every corner of the world. Engaging and motivating these learners is possible when teachers use interactive whiteboard (IWB) technology as a convergence tool for a range of multi-media and internet technologies. However, classroom practise and education research have highlighted the need for changed pedagogy for successful embedding of technology into the curriculum. It is suggested that the integration of teachers’ interactive whiteboard practises with principles of effective learning and teaching are the key to improved learning outcomes. This paper will explore principles of effective IWB pedagogy and how they have been used to inform current research on discourse in the primary science classroom. This research is investigating the potential of IWB technology and interactive pedagogies for scaffolding and facilitating classroom discourse generally and specifically in primary science.

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