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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Juswardy, B. , Xiao, F. , & Alameh, K. (2009). Opto-VLSI-Based Broadband True-Time Delay Generation for Phased Array Beamforming. Proceedings of POEM 2009. (pp. 7516-43). Wuhan, China. SPIE, USA. Available here

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Electronically controlled phased-array antennas can adaptively scan radiated beams in three-dimensional space without mechanically moving parts. While most of the research on phased-array antennas has been focusing on broadband beam steering less attention has been devoted to null steering. Broadband null steering requires a beamformer that can generate variable and frequency independent true time-delays (TTD). In this paper we propose and demonstrate the concept of an Opto-VLSI-based tunable true-time delay generation unit for adaptive null steering in phased array antennas, where arbitrary single or multiple true-time delays can simultaneously be synthesized. Simulated azimuth gain patterns for a 4- element antenna arrays is presented, and experimental results are shown, which demonstrate the principle of the proposed true-time delay unit.

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