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Journal Article


Edith Cowan University


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Management / Small and Medium Enterprise Research Centre




This article was originally published as: Walker, E. A., Redmond, J. L., & Giles, M. J. (2010). A Proposed Methodology to Promote Adoption of 'Green' Production by Small Firms. International Journal of Business Studies, 18(1), 39-48.Article available here.


Small firms are critical to all economies but also have a significant negative impact on the environment. Their collective footprint equates to 60% of industrial pollution yet small firm owner-managers are not convinced of the necessity for behaviour change. This paper develops a proposed methodology to engage small firm owner-managers in 'green' production, in particular adoption of energy saving and waste recycling practices. This methodology includes a suggested approach to determining the 'tipping point' for the investment of time and resources by small firms. The paper argues that knowing the 'tipping point' and making a realistic business case should encourage small firm owner-managers to improve their participation in environmental impact management. The end result of this will be a reduction in the collective environmental footprint made by small firms, thereby making a positive contribution to Australia's overall response to climate change.

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