Mathematics games: Time Wasters or Time Well Spent?

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Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Education / Fogarty Learning Centre




Swan, P., & Marshall, L. (2009). Mathematics games: Time wasters or time well spent?. In Proceedings of the mathematics education into the 21st century project international conference: models in developing mathematics education. Dresden, Germany: Dresden University of Applied Science


Globally education authorities are placing increasing emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy in primary schools. This paper reports on research designed to assist teachers to improve the numeracy of their students by making the use of mathematics games a more focused aspect of the teaching and learning experience in mathematics. Classroom experience and anecdotal evidence suggest that games are often used without really focussing on the mathematics involved in playing the game, and are justified simply on the basis of children having ‘fun’. In this paper we report on the use of one game, Numero and how teachers made use of the game and the impact on the children’s learning when using the game.