E-Learning in the Thai context: Cultural and pedagogical issues amidst the implementation of new technologies

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Lambert Academic Publishing


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Pagram, P. (2010). E-Learning in the Thai Context: Cultural and pedagogical issues amidst the implementation of new technologies. Saarbrucken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. Available here


E-Iearning is a very topical (and much misused) term with many countries both developed and developing rushing to embrace this new educational technology_ Thailand is a country with unique, strong cultural traditions and her peoples have largely Buddhist religious beliefs. These two factors are interlocked and affect all aspects of Thai life, including education. While the promotion of new technologies in the education system and society is increasing, little is known about the effect of e-Iearning on Thai culture. The aim of this book is to examine the issues surrounding the implementation of e-Iearning and to identify those that instructional designers and educators need to address and be mindful of in future deployments. The history and nature of Thai education and its interdependence with the socia-cultural aspects of Thai society are examined, along with an insight into the nature of and implementation of new technologies that are being introduced into Thai education (describing an investigation undertaken in 2007). It is hoped that the book will help guide educators in implementing e-Iearning without harming Thailand's most valuable assets, its people and unique culture.