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Gross, J. & Dobozy, E. (2009). Adding value to first year student learning with embedded library pod/vodcasts. Same places, differenct spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009. 26th Annual ascilite International Coneference (pp. 393-401). Auckland, New Zealand: University of Auckland. Available here


We begin with the premise that pod/vodcasts add an engaging and innovative mix to the university learning environment; they put the control of when and where to access information in the hands of the student and can be delivered through the university’s learning management system (LMS). In this paper, we describe a semester-long trial in which library pod/vodcasts were provided to first-year teacher education students in the belief that basic library skills development is vital for academic success and an essential component of good information literacy practice. The pod/vodcasts were offered to support students at point of need in their learning and were optional. We used the learning activity management system (LAMS) developed by Macquarie University to deliver the library modules alongside the existing academic unit podcasts. The paper reports on students’ usage and perception of the library pod/vodcasts and how they responded to this new approach.

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